Keyboard artist David Schrader, a favorite of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, made his solo recording debut with this CD of harpsichord works. Buy Padre Antonio Soler: Fandango by Antonio Soler, BegoƱa Uriarte, Karl- Hermann Mrongovius from Amazon’s Classical Music Store. Everyday low prices . Antonio Soler, Scott Ross – Padre Soler: Fandango / 9 Sonates – Music.

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T here are also versions of the documents in Adobe Acrobat PDF format; you can download these by right-clicking the title and selecting “Save target as” if you are using Internet Explorer – for other browsers, see your documentation for instructions on how to do this.

Fandango, R.146 (Soler, Antonio)

Fandango; Sonats para Clave. I have transmogrified a selection of Soler’s harpsichord sonatas for the MIDI and mp3 formats, and you can hear them by selecting from the audio files and sheet music page.

Perhaps Scarlatti benefited from the relationship as much as his student. Works for Harpsichord Vol. Six Centuries Of Spanish Music. Soler stated the principal subject after a page of accompaniment that ends in a double-bar, and thereafter elaborated it at extraordinary length not as a theme and variations, which Rubio and some others anonio postulated, but rather as a fantasiawith a brief F major section in the middle, before D minor returns.

And yet, to this ear at least, you can often catch glimpses of the nascent style galant and of a young Mozart listen particularly to Sonata 40as well as to Sonata 41 and Sonata 94a. Soler was a simple man, little interested in court intrigue and passing fads and fancies, and this is reflected in uncomplicated names such as “del Gallo” “of the Rooster” and “de Clarines” “of the trumpeter”. The composer rarely allowed his portrait to be painted, presumably due to modesty; this would be commensurate with his character as a man of humility and simple tastes.

And yet there are many stylistic differences as well, such as Soler’s predilection for the musical device known as the “Alberti bass”, a tool seldom used by Scarlatti listen to Sonata 10and refer to the short discussion of the guitar influences in the sonatas.


Padre Antonio Soler: Fandango & Sonatas | Cedille Records

So Soler was a composer who drew from many sources, and became in turn a source for others. Soler’s compositions embrace Spanish folk melodies, show a fondness for syncopations, and require virtuosity antonjo the performer.

Jazz Latin New Age. In his life he produced: You can also view them in your browser if you have the Acrobat browser extension installed. There are undeniable similarities in their sonatas, other than the obvious fact that they are mostly in the binary sonata form; both composers delighted in wide leaps, frantic crossings of the hands, and scalar passages in double thirds or sixths.

Faneango Coffret Radio Canada.

Una matica de ruda. Then listen to Sonata 40 for contrast. Also unique is the use of a basso ostinatoin the form of a twelve note sequence which reappears many times in the left hand, and hypnotic in its effect on the listener.

Our Team will evaluate and post your review soon. Please soelr JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Infurthermore, Anthony Tudor choreographed a ballet to the music that entered the American Ballet Theatre repertoire two decades later. Photo by Andrew Halpern Notes: At the time being, however, we can declare the hunt open for the true author.

In addition there were: But Rubio stated in his catalog that “we doubt seriously the paternity of Soler ,” citing as evidence “a substantially identical ostinato” by another albeit obscure composer, “in a Fandango with variations solr the fortepiano. While Soler occasionally toyed with the form of theme and variations, there are no other published pieces that compare in length and magnitude to this one. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes.

A fandango once attributed to Soler, and probably more often performed than any other work of his, is now thought by some to be of doubtful authorship. Such people claim this right for themselves although they would do better not to practice it. Soler took holy orders at the age of 23, and embarked on an extremely busy routine as a Hieronymite in El Escorial, Madrid with hour workdays, in the course of which he produced more than compositions.


A long sntonio indeed it was for the Hieronymite monks, beginning with office hours at 5AM and atnonio through a series of masses, lessons, recitations of the Stations of the Cross, and finishing at midnight with maitines.

Antonio Soler – Wikipedia

Beyond this we enter into the realm of speculation. One is accustomed to finding frolicking roseate cherubs, not to mention languorous saints, in eighteenth-century churches, but this for the Escorial is almost as if the College of Cardinals were to break into a jig!

Complete Works for Harpsichord. Soler’s work bridges late Baroque and early Classical styles. The Medici Harpsichord Book. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A ll of the MIDI files were created using a SoundBlaster32 sound card with various harpsichord patches stored in RAM; as with most sound cards for the PC, the factory harpsichord patches sound little like the real instrument.

Antonio Soler

F rom his title you have deduced that he was a monk a Hieronymite, to be exactbut he was also fandano priest. Bill Maylone Front Cover: But the names he chose were less oblique than either of those two, whose references were often based on private jokes and archaic language usage the true meaning of which has been obscured by the passage of time.

El Diablo vestido de fraile. P robably the most famous, and certainly the most played, of Soler’s harpsichord works is the ubiquitous, dazzling Fandango R.