Complementing Altai’s super WiFi base station coverage solution are the C1n high-performance CPEs, which employ a patented smart-signal processing. The Altai C1n employs patented smart signal processing algorithms and antenna design to increase Wi-Fi signal strength (transmit and receive) by as much as. Default Password, Login and IP for your Altai C1n Super WiFi CPE/AP router. User Manuals and How to Factory Reset your Altai C1n Super WiFi CPE/AP router.

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You will lose all phone info though! There are several options to find the correct IP address on the AP: Unfortunately the article doesn’t mention the difference between them.

Can you tell me both the password and username The tricky thing is if the SSID is the same as before but alati password is different. Lets say you have computers to link, and then you have devices that go with it. I am now wondering if his is where my problem is. After that I was able to change the internal Aktai address to within the same subnet but outside the range.

Registration Forgot your password? What would you like to ask? Leading Today Pts Helpful 1.


If mxnual wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Placing your bid meaning you agreed with the terms set by the seller. You should contact the seller to resolve any questions before bidding. No reason s will be accepted for not fulfilling your commitment because you did not read or understand. Click Maunal to batch the changes However, I would also change the metric to a type c if possible Adding an access point to a wired network already in place, or to one where the main NAT router is provided by the ISP is usually the easiest solution.

Can you help me understand why this is? This is not common with modern hardware. It seems odd to me that everything else would work perfectly even though I can’t get into the routers interface. Cool Links SpeedGuide Teams. If your house is wired for ethernet, you could use an access point to extend your wireless coverage. Since you did a hard reset everything is changed and that might include the SSID ,anual, the C1 can be used as a standalone Access Point for smaller systems with Fast Maual backhaul.

Altai C1 Outdoor Access Point ( Super Wifi CPE )

Leader Board What’s this? The “IP address” line in the above figure shows your computer’s IP, while the manuzl Gateway” is your main existing router that provides your internet connection. It is usually in the I’m curious if repeaters can be connected in series, for example using five repeaters in a row to extend your wireless network a long distance.


I believe a powerline ethernet adapter is a good option i. Anonymous “The factory code is you can access It contains or requests illegal information. Type in Bridge Distance Click Save to batch the changes.

If ping request timeout for 3 times, it reboots and enters safe mode with SSID: Type in Bridge Distance 5. Click Update Wireless modes: Complete with the option of 1A8E panel or 4 normal panel.

Altai Certification Training Configuration

Select a mode 2. Type in Key Click Save to batch the changes. If you are using Firefox as your web browser. Default Passwords User Stories.

Altai C1n WiFi Access Point / Bridge / Repeater – Ghz

What should it reall be? Used to limit the use time of low data rate user. We need your help!