Download: MiCOM P44x Order Form Cortec Configurator P P P P P P – Easergy MiCOM P44x. Alstom Generator Protection relay Micom P (Numerical relay),Alstom- Transmission-P,MiCOM Agile P, P & P (Distance Protection Systems). MiCOM P, P and P Numerical Full Scheme Distance Relays . range of protection functions listed in the table, the P, P and.

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The cover can then be moved vertically down to release the two fixing lugs from their recesses in the front panel. Alternatively, the new value will be discarded either if the clear button is pressed or if the menu time-out occurs. Any device that is interested in the information subscribes i. The RJ45 connector at each end of the cable must be shielded, and the cable shield must be connected to this RJ45 connector shield, so that the shield is grounded to the relay case.

Note that a common cause of difficulty with serial data communication is connecting Tx to Tx and Rx to Rx. The P model provides three pole alsom only.

MiCOM P44x Order Form Cortec Configurator P441 P442 P443 P444 P445 P446

This section presumes a prior knowledge of IP addressing and related topics. For the rear port this can be wlstom between 1 and 30 minutes. The next cell down controls the inactivity timer: Only two settings apply to the rear port using Courier, the relays address and the inactivity timer. To use the rear port with Modbus communication, the relays communication settings must be configured.

The P relay has ultimate reliability of phase selection and directional decision far superior to standard distance techniques using superimposed algorithms. The serial bus carrying the sample data is also connected to the co-processor board, using the processors built-in serial port, as on the main processor board.


When a common signalling channel is employed, the distance and DEF must share a common scheme.

Agile P, P and P distance protection – Manuals

The element can be set with both alarm and trip stages. InterMiCOM sends eight signals between the two relays in the scheme, with each signal having a selectable operation mode to provide an optimal combination of speed, security and dependability in accordance with the application.

The factory default for both passwords is AAAA. The next cell down the column sets the time synchronisation request from the master by the relay: X, three additional negative sequence overcurrent stages have been implemented. Inputs to Trigger ITT exceed the number of inputs.

The level of access is independently enabled for each interface, that is to say if level allstom access is enabled for the rear communication port, the front panel access will remain at level 0 unless the relevant password is entered at the front panel. To disable a function change the relevant cell in the Configuration column from Enabled to Disabled.

The settings are located with the Power-Swing function: On a second board the power supply module contains relays which provide the output contacts. The relay also includes a comprehensive range of non-protection features to aid with power system diagnosis and fault analysis. This numeric index is used to select a signal for the commissioning monitor port. Each relay is designed around a common hardware and software platform in order to achieve a high degree of commonality between products.

A general maintenance policy for the relay is outlined. Further communication between the two processor boards is achieved via interrupts and the shared SRAM. The following table shows the relay menu for overcurrent protection, including the available setting ranges and alsto, defaults. Control, Measurements, Protection, Records, System.


P442 Areva Distance Relay

Mobile Number Please enter Mobile Number. When a device detects a change in one of its monitored status points it publishes i.

Data Attribute This is the actual data measurement value, status, description, etc. These four elements are not distinguishable to the user, and are all processed by the same processor board.

Disturbance record extraction This includes all the relay settings and measurements. For example, an earth fault relay applied on the delta side of a delta-star transformer is unable to detect earth faults on the star side.

Read access to measurements 2. All overcurrent and directional settings apply to all three zlstom but are independent for each of the four stages. There are two options available in the relay menu: In the alstim cases the MiCOM P will provide a monitoring of the number of cycles and check if the setting from S1 has been reached. Figure 11 shows the alternative reach selections for zone 1: A power swing is detected where all three phase-phase measured impedances have remained alston the AR band for at least 5ms, and have taken longer than 5ms to reach the trip characteristic the trip characteristic boundary is defined by zones 3 and 4.

Spurious wiring pickup is eliminated without the use of interposing relays, external resistors or time delays.