Liber Aleph Vel Cxi: The Book of Wisdom or Folly [Aleister Crowley] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Liber Aleph Vel CXI has ratings and 6 reviews. by Aleister Crowley The Vision and the Voice by Aleister Crowley The Book of Lies by Aleister Crowley. LIBER ALEPH CXI. THE BOOK OF WISDOM OR FOLLY. An extended and elaborate commentary on the Book of the Law, in the form of a letter.

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The book consists of short epistles on the philosophy of ThelemaCrowley’s own ethical system of occult magic. Learn then, o my Son, that all Phenomena are the effect of Conflict, even as the Universe itself is a Nothing expressed as the Difference of two Equalities, or, an thou wilt, aleisher the Divorce of Nuit and Hadit.

But this once accomplished, that particular Complex is destroyed, or sublimated for ever. Wleph Read Edit View history. Consider the placid and ruminent Existence of such Persons as read little, are removed from worldy Struggle by some sufficient Property of small and unexciting Value, stably invested, and by Age and Environment are free from Passion.

Liber Aleph Vel Cxi

Assimilate all Poison, for therein only is there Profit. Anabela Costa rated it it was amazing Jan 25, Neglect not simple Introspections, therefore; but give yet greater Heed unto those Dreams and Phantasies, those Gestures and Manners unconscious, and of undiscovered Cause, which betoken thee.

Also, since these Fetters are as a Bond almost universal, be instant to declare the Law of Liberty, and the full Knowledge of all Truth that appertaineth to this Matter; for if in this only thou overcome, then shall all Earth be free, taking its Pleasure in Sunlight without Fear or Phrenzy. Esiasch rated it liked it Jan 26, Published June 1st by Weiser Books first published All these Xleister are Disorders, and against Nature.



Though the book was not published until some time after its writing init is considered one of the forefont commentaries on Crowley’s teachings.

So then, lest thou in thine Ignorance take the false Way, and divigate, must thou learn thine own aleeister and peculiar Nature in its Relation to all others.

Liber ALEPH vel CXI

Even the titles of each epistle are given in Latin, and its often medieval guise of dealing with subject matters, such as the effects of liebr bile”, can be considered another of Crowley’s great examples of using ancient texts as templates.

Thus in the Union of Similars, as of Halogens with each other, aliester no strong Passion of explosive Force, and the Love between two Persons of the like Character and Taste is placid and without Transmutation to higher Planes. How vast are the Oceans of uncharted Joy that lie before the Keel of thy Ship!

It is not the Spontaneity thereof which worketh Woe, but some Repression in the Environment. This exciting Cause is commonly of two kinds: Thelemite texts Works by Aleister Crowley.

The concept of the book is based on a passage from The Book of the Law Liber AL vel Legisthe central text of Thelema, and states what appears to be a prophecy of later knowledge and secrets of the new Aeon of Horus being taught to a “magical son”.

They live, according to their own Nature, without Desire, and they oppose no Resistance to the Operations librr Time. My Son, if thou fast awhile, there shall come unto thee a second State of physiological Being, in which is a delight passive and equable, without Will, a contentment of Weakness, with a Feeling of Lightness and of Purity.


Then, per contraMartin Luther, being a Giant of Will, and also the Eighth Henry of England, as a mighty King, bent them to overturn the whole World that they might have satisfaction of their Loves.

Liber Aleph vel CXI main page

Juan rated it really liked it Jan 13, For me, the best book by Crowley ever. Crowley had claimed to be a Freemason, but the regularity of his initiations with the United Grand Lodge of England has been disputed.

Seek constantly therefore to know what is painful and to cleave thereunto, for by Pain cometh true Pleasure. Finally, exercise constantly the Eight Limbs of Yoga. Therefore deem not that thy lightest Fancy is insignificant. If thine excretory System do its Function not at its fullest, there come Poisons in the Blood, and the Consciousness is modified by the conflicts or Marriages between the elements heterogeneous.

Thus the true Will of Oedipus was toward the bed of Jocasta, but the Tabu, strong both by Inheritance and by Environment, was so attached to that Will that his Dream concerning his Destiny was a Dream of Fear and of Abhorrence, his Fulfilment thereof even in Ignorance a spell to stir up all the subconscious Forces of all the People about him, and his Realization of the Act a madness potent to drive him to self-inflicted Blindness and fury-haunted Exile.

It is for the Great Souls to enter on this Rigour and Austerity. Know, son, that the true Principle of Self-Control is Liberty. Firstly, then, I would have thee to know that Spiritual Experience and Perfection have no necessary connection with Advancement in our Holy Order.