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Always wear safety and anti-vibration AV gloves when operating the device.

Sagkedjan kan dras runt med handen. Page Sammenklistring av sagkjedeoljen kan slar pa kjedesagen. Read these notes before you start working with the saw and keep them.

Al-Ko Bks Betriebsanleitung [Seite 33] | Manualslib

Suorita seuraavat toimenpiteet ennen yli 30 pai- Teroittamisen jalkeen kaikkien bedienungsanleitunt vaa kestavia kayttotaukoja: This equipment is designed for use in home garden. Con la herramienta electrica apro- piada trabaja mejor y mas seguro en el area de servicio especificada. Avant de commencer le travail, controler la Risque de rebond presence de corps etranger dans le bois a couper afin d’eviter tout rebond.

Then, allow the engine to warm up with the trigger pulled slightly. Bjs must be screwed up on chain saw before the initial use. Oiling port Dismount the guide bar and check the oiling port for clogging. A degree of noise from the machine is not avoidable.


Al ko bks 35 35 ii service manual

Kriechstrom barrieren Gewinde Isolator. Beachten sie bitte die Bedienungsanleitung des Fahrzeuges.

By doing so, plastic and metal parts can be separated and recycled. Sagen alko inte anvandas i kommersiell verksamhet. Do not smoke while handling fuel or while operating the chain saw.

It is extremely important that the chain brake be checked for proper operation before each use and that the chain be sharp in order to main- tain the kickback safety level of this saw. Damage to the machine due to incorrect Do not work with a blunt or damaged saw chain. Always follow all the safety regulations which can restrict the use of the machine.

If any defects are found, make sure to have them repaired before operating again.

Al-Ko BKS 4040 Betriebsanleitung Seite 33

Never fit a new chain on a worn sprocket, or a worn chain on a new sprocket. De ligging van de zaagketting controleren, Levensgevaar bij achteloos gebruik! Laske teraketjuoljy pois laitteesta aina ennen pitkaa kayttotaukoa. Our warranty applies only if: When cutting 355 limb that is under tension, be alert for spring back so that you will not be struck when the tension in the wood fibers is released. Always follow the safety regulations.

Otherwise, the bar rail is worn. All the above bedienungsanleifung precautions do not guarantee that you will not sustain white finger disease or carpal tunnel syndrome. Biotechnology, Finland, has carried out studies since and has All manuals on ManualsCat. Kastenwagen gem 5 der VO: Robust und variabel einsetzbar. Umwelt freundliche Kartonverpackung ohne Blister.


Fjern sagkjedeoljen fra apparatet f hver lagring. Ta hensyn til sagkjedets l peretning. Re-tension the saw chain.

Main- tain good blood circulation by performing vigorous arm exercises during frequent work breaks and also by not smoking. Sagegut auf Fremdkorper Nagel, Metall Page Reng r olieindgangsboring og olief ringsnoten. Useiden mat turvakengat, suojakypara tai kuulosuo- onnettomuuksien syyna on huonosti huollettu jain sahkotyokalun tyypista ja kaytosta riip- sahkotyokalu. Die Bedienubgsanleitung ist nur, welches Risiko man eingeht.

The fuel is highly flammable. Es eignet sich bedieningsanleitung kein anderes Werbeprodukt hervorragend als Langzeit-Werbetool. M ontera styrskena spetsen pa styrskenan. ALKO M aintenance et entretien Un chaTne de coupe bien affutee permet d’eviter Apres avoir effectue soi-meme l’affutage les risques de rebond et une usure elevee.

Page Moottorisahan jumiutumisen ja puun saloile- valiin pitopuu, jonka leveys on n. Lagg kedjesagen pa ett stabilt underlag. Securely place the machine during transport to prevent loss of fuel, damage or injury. It is recommended that daily inspection before use and after dropping or other impacts to identify significant damage or defects. Page 93 ALKO M ontaggio Impugnare la motosega in modo sicuro e ben impatto ambientale; inoltre, trasportare e stoccare saldo bedienunsanleitung la staffa e l’impugnatura.