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We will try to include that soon. How does Ebstein Barr Virus causes autoimmunity? Anteroposterior diameter is high is following type of skull.

Reid index is used to measure a Bronchiectatsis b Chronic bronchitis c Tuberculosis d Emphysema. A man experiences tingling sensation on the lateral aspect of leg and great toe after lifting heavy weight.

Commentors pls help me compile this into questions: Activation of Fructose 26bisphosphatase c.

Previous 10 year Question Papers of AIPGMEE & AIIMS PG Exam?

Sham rage paepr seen in a Decerebrate animals b Decorticate animals c Hypothalamic lesions. Mitochondria is involved in all except? Side effects of thalidomide-all except a sedation b constipation c neuropathy d myocarditis.

Laparoscopic nephrectomy, open nephroueterectomy, chemo? Aipfmee is the correct. Lubiprostn stimulates chloride channel in intestine and increases liquid secretion in hut and decrease transit time.

Pathogenesis of Vibrio Cholera involves one of the folowing second messenger system. Quesfion Modified Liver Donor criteria includes all axcept a. TSEB- total skin electron beam radition therapy s used for myc fung n sezary too since it s a severe form of myc fung.


Marin — Built for WordPress. Which of the following drug is asssociated with increased cardiac mortality?


Manimaran 19 Jan 12 at 3: Forced alkaline Diuresis is done to remove which drug during intoxication? Start subcutaneous LMW heparin B. A person is brought to casuality by police under the alleged offence of Sodomy.

Cyanide toxicity caused by drug-nitroprusside 81 a pt peresent with vomiting of ml, spleen size 5cm below costle margine, dia a gastric ulcer b drug induced wit htn???????

The hypoglycemic drug causing Vitamin B12 deficiency is a Exenatide b rapaglinide c sitagliptin d Metformin. The lesion responsible is.

Which of the following does not pass through the inquinal cancl in female a Inferior epigastric Artery b Round ligament in ovary c lymphatics from fundus of uterus d Illio inguinal Nerve. Here comes the older list which will not be updated anymore!! The difference in ther flexibility is cause? The result would be announced on 31 st January for the examination.

We will try to include those soon. A 15months B 18 months C 24 months D 12 months 15m jargon speech. Name required Mail will not be published required Website. A person was incolved in RTA. Just when I was planning to quit, you guys made me work again. Srinivas 20 Jan 12 at 1: Which of the following is correct for his punishment?


We will be including past papers for university entrance examinations shortly. O2 meter attached to inspiratory limb? FSH, LH done to exclude a.

Less hyper triglyceridemia B.

NEET PG Previous Years (Past) Solved Question Papers (PDF) from 1995-2018

Email will not be published required. All except seen in fracture Neck of Femur? Which of the following is a congenital Aplastic anemia?

B cell rich T cell lymphoma C. Few hours later, he has dyspnoe, aipggmee, hypotension, hyper resonance on percussion, decreased breath sounds etc.

AIPGMEE MD / MS / diploma JAN 2012 all 300 Questions with answers

Part 1 to 9 Download PDF. Fewer S-S bonds in skin keratin 2. Tigecycline has been shown to be a bacteriostatic agent against Escherichia coli, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Enterococcus faecalis, and Staphylococcus aureus 24 langerhans histiocytosis — CD1a 25 Bispectral index BIS is one of several technologies which purport to monitor depth of anesthesia 26 Pregnant women are encouraged to do kegels because strong pelvic floor muscles help make childbirth, specifically pushing, easier.

Choose your exam and excel aipmgee our exclusive exam prep resources: Priti Chaudhary 9 Jan 12 at Thank you for all these questions. Plus, the exercise can lower chances of tears happening during labor.