The accreditation of Inspection Bodies is conducted according to the requirements established in the standards ABNT NBR ISO/IEC and. ISO/IEC specifies requirements for the competence of bodies performing ABNT NBR ISO/IEC Versão Corrigida (), IDT. (in near future). Inspection Bodies. Certification Bodies. Inspection. Management. Systems. Persons. Products. ISO/IEC ISO/IEC ISO/IEC

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You have no items in your shopping cart. The failure in sending the complete documentation results in the non-acceptance of the application and the return of the ieec.

RF-Q ABNT NBR ISO-IEC pdf – Free Download PDF

Accredited inspection bodies in the area of vehicle safety shall comply with the existing legislations regarding the process of vehicle safety inspection, available at the following web sites: The address to send the TCA is: Materials handling equipment For assessment of Inspection Bodies, Cgcre has a list of assessors and experts trained and qualified by Cgcre for this activity.

The initial assessment is a visit of the assessment team to the facilities subject of the accreditation application and to the associated nbd, which the body is subordinated to, in order to check, by means of objective evidences:.

Aircraft and space vehicle engineering All documents and records regarding the inspection body management system and services for which the inspection body is applying for accreditation shall be available for the assessment team. These professionals linked to Inmetro or other organizations are specialized in different activity areas.


ISO/IEC 17020 (2012-02)

Our offices will be closed from December 24, to January 2, inclusive. Glass and ceramics industries Other sectors of the organization that are involved in the body activities shall also be available. Energy and heat transfer engineering Documents for the accreditation of inspection bodies.

The specific uso for the accreditation of inspection bodies of road vehicles for transportation of dangerous products are described in NIT-DIOIS Road vehicles engineering Audio and video engineering The Accreditation Symbol is also sent. The formalization happens by means of a letter sent to the body, along with the Accreditation Certificate and the Annex containing the Accreditation Scopes, issued by Cgcre.

Health care technology Petroleum and related technologies The decision on granting the accreditation is taken by the Coordinator of Cgcre, based on the recommendations of the assessment team, the AM, the Head of Sector and the Accreditation Commission. Documents for the accreditation of inspection bodies Orquestra System The ORQUESTRA system is based on the Business Process Management BPM methodology which provides automation, better management and optimization of accreditation processes, besides allowing bodies already accredited, or whose accreditation is in process, easy access to the information of their processes of granting or extending accreditation.

The applicant body shall annex to Orquestra system, preferably in task T1, all documents relevant to the applied accreditation type.

During the assessment, each member of the assessment team is assisted by a representative, indicated by the body, who has the knowledge about the activities that are being assessed and is able to confirm the evidences found by the assessment team. If any document is missing or inadequate, a deadline of 30 thirty days is allowed for completing the documentation.


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For services at client facilities, the inspection body must schedule such services in advance to visits. During the assessment, the technical management, the quality manager, their deputies, and the authorized signatories to be assessed shall be available.

Company organization, management and quality. Alert me in case of modifications on this product contact us. The specific criteria for the accreditation of bodies for the inspection of internal distribution network of fuel gases in residential annt and installation of gas apparatus for residential use are established nbf NIT-DIOIS Along with TCA, a copy of the following documents shall also be sent: Cgcre accredits bodies which conduct inspections in the areas below: A review is conducted to ensure that Cgcre has the resources necessary for abntt immediate start of the assessment process.

The Division of Accreditation of Inspection Bodies makes publicly available the following provisions:. Construction materials and building As of the accreditation granting, it is provided the insertion of lec body in the catalog of accredited bodies available on the Internet at http: Mechanical systems and components for general use The body shall submit all the required documents.