2N 2N 2N Units. Collector – Emitter Voltage. VCEO. . verify that the information in this data sheet is current before using this product. Visit for additional data sheets and product information. Forward Current Transfer Ratio. IC = 10 Adc, VCE = 3 Vdc. 2N 2N NPN POWER SILICON TRANSISTOR. Qualified per MIL-PRF/ T4- LDS Rev. 1 (). Page 1 of 5. DEVICES. LEVELS. 2N 2N

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Most of these are evident to the designer who has already started comparing data sheets. For constant current operation: The magnitude of the positive output voltage is equal to and tracks the negative output voltage.

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More complete data on these devices can be found in the data sheets of Section It is primarily the cost differences in these parts that determines whether all or only part of these features will be incorporated. Switchers have been significantly cost reduced in the past five years because designers have been able to simplify datashee control circuits and have found even lower cost alternatives in the passive component area.

Root-mean-square ripple voltage for capacitor-input circuits. The designer should take these factors into account when designing his input supply.

Vacuum Motor, Ametek Lamb, V, 1-stage, 5. Internal current limit amplifier for excellent current regulation and sharp cross- over between constant voltage and constant current regulation modes. At an input of 90 Vac, full-load output voltages are 4. Such a dataasheet is the percent rejects out of a collection of devices lot, population. Depending on Vin, Ta, heatsinking and package utilized, output currents in excess of mA can be obtained with this configuration.


This handbook describes Motorola’s voltage regulator products and provides information on applying these products.

2N 데이터시트(PDF) – Central Semiconductor Corp

As an aid in the selection of a suitable rectifier or bridge, the brief selection guide of Table is included. In addition to the value, ceramic disk capacitors may be marked with an alphanumeric code signifying temperature characteristics.

T Coilcraft Cary, IL. Relation of RMS and peak to average diode current in capacitor-input circuits. Resistor Markings Carbon-composition, carbon-film, and metal-film resistors are typically datashest in roughly cylindrical cases with axial leads. The value of the voltage source, V, is not constant; instead, it varies with changes in supply voltage, Vcc, and with changes in IC junction temperature, Tj, induced by changes in ambient temperature and power dissipation. The circuit operates in a manner similar to that of the constant current limiting circuit, in that output current control is obtained by diverting base drive away from Q1 with Q3.

2N6249 Datasheet PDF

For example, if a resistor of the type shown in Fig This technique can be used with any adjustable output regulator so long as the IC pin voltages, currents, and differ- entials do not exceed device data sheet specifications. In such cases, it is often possible to find the standard equivalent or a suitable replacement by using one of the semiconductor cross-reference directories available from various replacement-parts distributors. Now, the dattasheet ripple can be determined.


The NOR Figure Tracking Regulators Often a regulated source of symmetrical positive and negative voltage is required for supplying op amps, etc. RMS and Peak repetitive rectifier current ratings can be determined from Figure Motorola has characterized several devices specifically for crowbar applications. For more information look at data books from the various manufacturers.

2N Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search. Transistor Catalog

Turn-off drive to Q3 commences during the dead-time period, when both Q6 and Q7 are off. If such large numbers of device hours are not available for a particular device, then the point estimate is obtained from devices that are similar in process, voltage, construction, design, etc. GG o BC Colour: The Table represents the two significant digits in a resistor or capacitor value. Data books are available from many manufacturers and retailers.

This problem can be avoided by proper placement and connection of datasueet filter capacitor satasheet load as shown in Figure Before these devices can be put in the circuit, both protective and drive circuits will have to be designed.

Although increased speed can increase EMI and cause other problems. Standard resistor values include 3. At B, the color bands for a ? Some ICs require 5 V dc, others 12 V and some need both positive and negative supplies. The basic regulating function is performed in the pulse width modulator PWM dqtasheet.